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platform solutions that can be easily tailored for the specific needs of small to medium sized asset management firms

Regulatory Reporting Engine

is your organization tired of the inefficient and unauditable process of creating regulatory documents on a monthy, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis?

tired of figuring out which disclaimer you used last filing?

frustrated by the production lifecycle and workflow redundancy caused by the cycle of moving documents between product strategists, executives, marketing, fund data, translation and creative design?

efektiv's template driven reporting engine handles all aspects of the backend data updating, creative layout , translation and approval workflow.

checklists ensure maximum adherence to governance and compliance processes for every filing.

Avionics Engineering

Fund Data, Fund Pages & Document Automation

your team needs fund data to be approved, available and ready for use across all areas of the business. this means that fund pages, fund documents, marketing materials, CRM, and all advisory support materials are up to date  at all times. all of this while ensuring that all published materials are in compliance and available for production use.


ensuring that support documents are available as early as possible in the monthly cycle so that your teams are not left using documents that are already dated by the time they are published. enable your sales, client support, and advisory teams to succeed.

documents, web pages, marketing materials should all draw from one source of truth. 

a platform approach ensures consistency, compliance and timely delivery to market by allowing for automated performance calculation and publishing. 

Design Concrete

Policy Certification & Trade Compliance

policy recertification and trade compliance are necessary evils of any business in the financial services space. 

eliminate email threads, paper forms, and any  process friction for your employees.

define grey, black and white periods for trade activity.

have readily available regulatory reports and summaries of compliance activity at your fingertips.

deploy a platform without the traditional cost or complexity.

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